On being Three…

October 24, 2012

Three years old is such a lovely and busy time of life. There is SO very much to do and discover – and so many jobs to take charge of. When you’re three it is your job to scoop the dog food to feed your pet. It is your job to hold the bucket to gather eggs, to chase the chickens and make sure they don’t relax in the yard. It is your job to chase cats off our lawn and search for eagles in the garden. When you’re three you must fix every loose nail and saw every piece of wood in the house – twice. When you’re three you teach your baby brother how to use toys and tools, and make sure Mommy knows exactly what he’s up to when she’s not around. When you’re three you are a big boy – but still hold on to those wonderful baby items like a lovey and milk cup. You need so much freedom and yet so much comfort that you are still welcomed and loved. When you’re three life is confusing and interesting and surprising – the sound of fighter jets, the sirens of police cars, what happens when baking soda meets vinegar. When you’re three your imagination takes off and it is amazing what you can come up with – and what your dreams can frighten you with.

And when you’re three you are a big boy with a tender, sensitive heart and an inquisitive mind – just trying to make sense of your world as each day passes. Happy Birthday big guy.



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