Busy …

December 16, 2012

As the days seem to rush past me and I am surrounded by busy busy busy, I keep yearning to return to this space. To share with you my days, to pause, savor and remember what goes on everyday in our small house filled with little boys. And as the days hurry on toward the Big Day, I try to find a little bit of gratitude within the busy.

So for tonight I am:

  • Grateful for the cold bug that gave our family a chance to hole in for a week and really heal. A chance to sleep, a chance to play and a chance to really enjoy convalescent. While it may not feel well when it is going on, sometimes it is needed.
  • Thankful for the orders which kept me busy busy busy and rekindled my love of baking and candy making. Although it added a bit of stress and a (ahem) small freak out, everything was done by their due dates and what is left to do will be done in a short time.
  • Amazed  by a small baby boy who grows at an exponential rate.
  • Surprised by the same boy who suddenly is calling for his mama in a very sweet way…
  • Loving  the sweet man I married who adores his little boys to pieces, and steps in to help me out when in need – and when Mama is down for the count with a cold the need is great.
  • Savoring the latest issue of Taproot. Have you heard about it?
  • Discovering the wonders of carefully grown meat. So. Stinkin. Good.
  • Anticipating  the big holiday for a little boy who will flip as the anticipation grows
  • Attempting  to get all the packages, small items and holiday cards in the mail… whoops.

Wishing you and all yours a wonderful week filled with joy and merry making.

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