No choice, really

June 4, 2013

Last night, one of my best mommy friends asked us to go strawberry picking with them today. Sun! Berries! Friends! A farm!! What more could we possibly want? 

And then the night happened and my kids did not sleep. And as we were laying in bed last night my hubby turned to me and said: the bathroom stinks from kid pee. Then we woke up this morning to huge piles of laundry, dishes, plants that needed to be planted, a newly planted garden that needs hoeing, kids that really need solid naps and some outdoor play at home and a hubby that could not find a shirt or underpants without a serious search this morning.


Ahem… I really think a home day is needed. 

The thing is, I can’t remember the last day we spent at home in over two weeks. We’ve been out and doing stuff almost every day, from garden centers, to visiting great grandparents in Corvallis, to bbq’s at a friend’s farm, to a zoo trip and, and, and…. I really could go on but seriously, why would you want to hear all that??!!! 

The point being that we’ve been busy and much more so that I generally like to be. I’m a bit of a homebody really, and with a big garden and all my home projects going on I tend to get a bit stressed when we’ve been out too much. And lately, this has been the case. 


I was also blessed with this in my email this morning, a simple reminder that sometimes slowing down is the best thing for us all. 

So home it will be today, filled with floor washing and laundry folding, bed changing and some serious bathroom scrubbing – and lots of outdoor time, naps and play, play, play. 

Hope you’re day is lovely!!



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