Happy Holidays!!

December 16, 2013

Am I the only one who gets SUPER excited for the holidays as soon as December hits – gets the house decorated, the baking going, the lists made, the cards, the presents, the crafts, the ideas – and then, as the month wears on you suddenly get the preChristmas hangover?

You know the feeling – the feeling that it’s taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R for this month to get here, and it feels like that giant tree in your living room has been there for the last six months? As much as I love Christmas, my kids feel it too – the excitement of waiting is waning and even my big kid is tiring of reading the Night before Christmas every night.

Regardless, we power on – with baking and cooking and for the first time this year, we decorated cookies together. Both Big and Little guys, armed with spoons and bowls of colored icing and hearty sugary appetites ready to roll out some mountains of sugar cookies for our beloved friends.

This week proves to bring some of the excitement back into our holiday – for even though everyone loves to shop, it really overstimulates both kids and myself. Once I get home from the mall or the stores I am so grateful for the peace of our house, of the calm that centers us as we relax after a busy, crazy day. This week brings our preschool gingerbread house building, a late afternoon pajama Polar Express Storytime and a surprise visit from Santa at school. It brings renewed excitement as our energies wane as the midmonth slump hits and maybe, just maybe a little boy will have a little less anxiety over Santa as he gets to meet him.

I hope you’re all doing well and thank you for reading my words. I am so happy and grateful to be back in this space and sharing once more. I plan on taking this space in a slightly different direction – more cooking and home arts, more food and growing and pleasures from the kitchen. I do hope you will join me as we explore different ingredients and cuisines this year.






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