Could it work??

January 15, 2014

I might have mentioned this before, but Hubby and I have a mild obsession with grocery shopping. With both being foodies and cooks and my background, we have a penchant for excellent food – and while most stuff from the grocery store is eh, ok we have come to realize that some things from Whole Foods are just better. The meats are fresher, the veggies tastier and just about everything we get is fantastic.

But then there is the other problem – the price. We are a single income, middle class family. We are not rich or anywhere near it – in fact most months we are struggling just to make ends meet. So what happens when a middle class family just wants to eat from Whole Foods? Could it be done to solely buy groceries from WF on a normal food budget?

This is what I’ve been thinking about a ton lately. I prefer to feed my kids and hubby the best quality food I can get – and while organic vs conventional is an issue (I tend to go organic is the price suits me, however it normally does not) I do prefer quality and local over organic and imported. I wonder if I could feed these crazy, empty pits of little boys on our measly $400 a month.

We barely eat processed foods – very few in fact, we are big on whole grains, veggies, fruit, beans and legumes and meats. Meat has become a lesser part of our diet as we tend to add in more beans and veggies, the kids don’t seem to mind and hubby and I are working on losing our bellies.

But I digress – could it be done? Is it possible to buy excellent quality food on a budget? Could I feed a family of four for 30 days for $400 a month – eating mostly from scratch, real foods?

Any opinions? I’d love to hear what you have to say about this topic.


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