Home days

January 30, 2014

January has been a month on the go. Between errands, swim lessons, preschool and work, I feel like we’ve barely been able to be home lately, much less play. Unfortunately a small sniffle and cough caused us to cozy up and hang out with these walls we love so much.
And so there has been much:
~ Bread baking using a modified version of this recipe. I modified it by adding cooked oatmeal and boy, oh boy a it soft and lovely. Even my wheat bread protester loves it.
~knitting and more knitting by mama who really wishes to finish Daddy’s Christmas socks!
~ sprout making and watching by the boys
~ juicing to boost immunity ( green machine this morning, orange carrot yesterday!)
~ too much tv and lounging around
~ lots of art and painting, lots of coloring and bead sorting while brothers sleep
~ tons of Decemberists and Jack Johnson streaming with Sparkle Stories in between
~ moon sand making using a new recipe, painting with car and just general boy craziness.

Yes, it’s nice to be home sometimes!!! 20140130-100328.jpg20140130-100343.jpg20140130-100353.jpg20140130-100402.jpg20140130-100409.jpg



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