Boy love

February 2, 2014

Boy love – a bizarre way of expressing feelings by small male creatures that often includes physical pain, small rocks and bugs.

Around here, love is shown in many different ways than I was used to as a young girl. Often, I’m showered with tokens of love, small items of unspeakable confusion to a lady that explain how often we are thought of, like this morning when a broken sparkly rhinestone button was lovingly placed on my nightstand with, ” here mommy, I know how you like sparkly things.” This, my friends, is boy love.

Boy love is insane and makes absolutely no sense to a girl love mind, and the physicality is really interesting. Often, my mornings are riddled with tackles, head butts, hugs, butt smacks, and tumblings over my still waking self. The boys love to crawl all over me, often using me as a spring board. Does Daddy get any of this treatment? Yes he does, a rough and tumble love of sorts that leaves the receiver a bit shell shocked and wondering why s/he was the receiver of such craziness. This love is intense, comes in hurricane like intensity and leaves as quickly as a bird taking flight.

Boy love is why when asked why asked what he would like to do for classmates for Valentine’s day, my boy brought out all small car and offered them up as tokens of love.

Yes, boy love is a rough and strange phenomenon, yet I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Even for all the bruises.

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