I have been off this space for quite a while, between having the third babe and learning how to be a mom of three, it’s been a handful around here. While I have plenty to save, I don’t always have the time to get back here, even though I enjoy it so very much.

Today I came across a Facebook post that really struck a chord with me. It was a mom nursing her baby in a restaurant, and sharing how she was staring down a lady who was shaking her head and shaming this mother.

I am a nursing mother. I have nursed my three babies as long as they wished ( and one did not wish to and I pumped for him). I have nursed in public and in private, in cars, while wearing them while holding them. I’ve even nursed in a moving car while traveling ( don’t try that!). I love to nurse my babies and I understand the need and desire. However there is a thing called respect. Respect for our fellow humans, respect for our elders, respect for our society who we need to live with.

That includes breastfeeding in public. There are ways to nurse a baby uncovered discreetly. Having a breast completely uncovered and bare is not necessary. Yes, it is your right to nurse in public – however, it is not your right to make people ( many who have been on this earth longer than you and managed to nurse and care for their infants) feel uncomfortable during their outing to enforce your right. They have every right to feel slighted and offended – much more so then the nursing mother does. If one person can ruin an outing for an entire restaurant who is in the wrong?
So, instead of forcing people to ” normalize” breastfeeding maybe we could force people into showing manners and respect toward others? I don’t care to see someone pop their dentures out, floss, or relieve themselves in public. It’s not socially acceptable for someone to pass gas loudly and proudly, so can we please at least make an effort for having some sort of decency for nursing?
After all, if we teach our children to be constantly confrontational and demanding to enforce every single right are we any better than the people who stare and shame breastfeeding? If manners are taught at home, shouldn’t they be enforced in public?

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