Time to Return…

March 28, 2012

Hello friends and Happy Spring!

It has been a rather eventful two months, filled with joys and preparations and while I thought of this space often I was not quite ready to return until I was sure of which direction I wanted to take this page.

A little explanation: on one of my last posting I unintentionally hurt a very dear friend of mine with my words. This was a very tough thing for me to deal with, as it was the last thing I wanted to do. I needed some space and time to think about what I write and where I want to take this space. I also need a little time to look inward and see who and what kind of a person and friend I was. I feel refreshed, looking forward to sharing our lives with you once more.

There has been much crafting, cooking and a little bit of gardening starting up around these parts this early spring. And there have been many preparations for our newest little addition that will be joining us sometime in the next few weeks.

So I leave you with a hearty Hello, its great to be back! And Thank You for joining me on this space.

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